The Ranch

Homer and Mildred Scott established the Padlock Ranch in 1943 with 3000 acres and 300 cows. Today, headquartered out of Dayton, Wyoming (just north of Sheridan), we raise over 10,000 calves a year on nearly 475,000 acres across Wyoming and Montana.

To us, the Padlock Ranch is a small piece of Paradise we want to share with those who want to experience our unique way of life and share our passion for Wyoming and Montana. Our mission statement and values will allow you to get better acquainted with the goals of our business.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to manage the resources and assets of the ranch for long-term sustainability, while conserving and improving our environment and communities. We must fulfill our vision statement by operating in a manner consistent with our values.

Padlock Values


Profit allows for growth and improvement and is necessary for reinvestment in land, livestock, machinery, and job opportunities that make the Padlock Ranch known not for its size but for its quality.


Having the right people is the key to the success of the Padlock Vision. The Padlock Ranch is committed to hiring the most competent and dedicated people and fairly rewarding them for their achievements with salary, education and advancement. The ranch's duty is to provide a safe and friendly work environment where each employee will feel challenged and appreciated. The Padlock Ranch is a family ranch and is actively involved with the good health and happiness of each employee and his or her family.


The Padlock Ranch sets a standard of stewardship that can be used as an example for future generations. We protect and nourish the environment, natural resources, and wildlife as our greatest treasures. We continually strive to improve our communities and strengthen relationships with our neighbors. New generations of family learn and practice our values through their common involvement and love of the ranch.


We want to be the best that we can be. We want our products and services to be recognized as the best in the marketplace. We expect that the manner in which we care for our land and assets to reflect that sense of pride. The Padlock Ranch and its employees must be visible leaders in the community and the agriculture industry. We want all to know that our neighborhood is better off because of the Padlock Ranch. The pride in our heritage and performance of our legacy serves as a bond for the family.